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Certificate (ES) TESOL (Level 2)
quote marksI knew very little about English grammar. I had never taught before. I spoke it, but if you had asked me what a gerund was, I would have had said it was a creature from "The Lord of the Rings."

The good thing is you donít need to know when you start. The course is designed through a series of modules. Start at the beginning and let the course take you away. A journey I found to be both challenging and fun.

The course itself is very comprehensive, reviewing all the essential areas you will need to become an English language teacher. I blended my course, half online and half face to face. This I found extremely useful, as I was completely submerged in the world of grammar, teaching methods and lesson planning.

After completing the course, I moved to Madrid, got a teaching job in a private academy. Itís amazing. I love it. The course armed me with the knowledge I needed to get out there and start teaching.

Take a deep breath and dive in. The course requires dedication. The more work you put it, the more youíll get from it. When you do successfully emerge, and youíre out there teaching, wherever that may be, remember, "You are, and always will be, as good as your last lesson. Plan well!"

A very important piece of advice I received from a wise man.

Good luck! quote marks

- Alistair Patterson, UK
Level 2 Certificate (ES) in TESOL course September 2011

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Certificate in TESOL (Level 3)
quote marksI found the Certificate in Theory and Methodology of TESOL distance course - organized by Traininglink Online and under the guidance of my tutor Terry Whitnell - extremely rewarding.

Having started the course with a few years' in-company teaching experience, and having attended lectures and completed practical assignments on didactic skills back at university, I must say that it amply fulfilled my initial objectives: strengthening my theoretical background while, at the same time, covering essential methodological aspects of language teaching, directed at both adult and younger learners. I particularly enjoyed the creative practical project assignment, which enabled me to apply many aspects of what I learned during the course and produce materials for an advanced business course and cultural programme set in the lovely city of Bath, UK. All in all, a flexible and yet demanding programme, with a good mix of practice and theory, ranging from lesson planning to a more technical chapter on phonetics: an excellent and highly commendable teacher training course! quote marks

- Germana Foscale, UK
Level 3 Certificate (TM) in TESOL course Jun 2012

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Advanced Certificate in TESOL
quote marksLas Palmas in Gran Canaria was an ideal location for taking the Advanced Certificate in TESOL. The hosts were friendly and hospitable, providing transport to the centres and delicious food.

There were a variety of teaching scenarios, including General English for company employees and Business English, as well as classroom teaching for young learners. Mentoring and advice were given for all stages of lesson preparation. I would wholly recommend the TLC at Gran Canaria.quote marks

- John Elliott, Peterborough
College of Teachers Advanced Certificate course Jan 2008

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Advanced Diploma in TESOL
quote marksI have just completed the course held in La Estrella in Las Palmas.I went with much trepidation about what I would find there (coming from a small mining town in Southern Africa).

I was warmly greeted by Terry at the airport, and my misgiving were soon put to rest. Theresa welcomed me into their home and soon I felt part of the furniture. Their relaxed home and mealtimes meant that I could concentrate on the course. The course itself was demanding both mentally and physically as the days were long and there was a lot of teaching and preparation involved. I am a primary school teacher, but found the TESOL requirements challenging.

I really enjoyed being introduced to the Business element of TESOL teaching and can only thank Terry and TLC for affording me that opportunity.

I felt at home in the staffroom at TLC and was immediately brought into the fold with the members of staff. For anybody considering this course, Go For IT.


- Jane Macefield, Botswana
College of Teachers Advanced Diploma course Jan 2008

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