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Teaching Practice

Trainees in TP with childrenīs classes at Tlc Centre

Three types of teaching practice are currently available through Training Link Online:

1 Supervised and assessed teaching practice
as part of the Advanced Certificate and Advanced Diploma in TESOL.
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2 Supervised only
available to anyone who has completed (or nearly completed) Training Link Online's ACTDEC level 2, 3 or 4 programme
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3 Free TP non-supervised
for anyone following Eurolink's ACTDEC Level 2, 3 or 4 programme
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1  Supervised teaching practice as part of the Advanced Certificate & Diploma in TESOL

The price for this option (supervised and assessed teaching practice) is €525 (normally €625.00). The important saving on this figure allows for a very substantial contribution to your air fare to Gran Canaria.

Ryan Air often advertise round trips to Gran Canaria from all over Europe for less than €100.00.

Of course there may be other exceptional deals from airlines near you. Check them out now and claim your €100.00 by taking advantage of cheap flights and this incredible offer.

Option 1

For more info contact

Read more about the Advanced Certificate and Advanced Diploma.

What is NOT included in this (or any other) TP package?
- Flights, transport, accommodation and meals – but we would be very happy to help you organise all of these.

2  Supervised only Teaching Practice

For anyone without teaching experience it is now possible to undertake an five day teaching development practicum where, as a result of completing a Teaching Practice Portfolio maintained by the participant and Traininglink Online Las Palmas, teaching experience is recognised and rewarded.

This scheme makes it possible for teachers with Associate or Accredited Teacher status to obtain an ACTDEC Certificate of Teaching Practice Development at the end of the development practicum.

Why not take advantage of cheap flights etc. to come over for a short stay and get some "real life" teaching experience under your belt.

Beach scenes in Gran Canaria

Participants must complete a minimum of twelve hours unobserved but supervised teaching practice, complete with basic lesson plans and running order. Normal course criteria consists of a lesson observation (1 hour), team teaching with the class teacher (1 hour) and then a supervised teaching practice with the teacher (1 hour). Total 3 hours (with the same class). This is repeated at four different levels to ensure a complete "hands on" experience.

For those unable to get themselves to our Las Palmas Centre please see the ACTDEC Teaching Practice Portfolio Scheme

3  Free TP non-supervised

For anyone following an ACTDEC Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 programme with Training Link Online.

Working as a Teaching Asistant at four levels with a classroom teacher.

This option does not qualify for an ACTDEC Certificate of Teaching Practice Development Certificate but does offer invaluable "hands on" practice in the classroom.

Option 3

Many trainees have taken advantage of building this option into a small family holiday. Bring your partner (or the whole family for that matter) over when the flights are cheap and get some hands on experience while you are here.

The sun, the sand and the sea - and some non-supervised TP working with our class teachers at all levels.


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