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Regulations and Syllabus

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Regulations and Syllabus for the

Certificate of Educational Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Associate Teacher of ESOL

Valid for examinations August 2008 to December 2010


  1. All Certificate of Educational Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages course participants are required to be registered with the Eurolink Examinations Board and ACTDEC.
  2. Applications for assessment and examination will be accepted by the Board on the understanding that candidates will be assessed according to the requirements of the current syllabus and that they comply with the examination regulations.
  3. The candidate's completed Training Link International Cert.(ES)TESOL course application form will be accepted as formal application for continuous assessment and examination by the Board. Payment of the registration and assessment fees will be made by Training Link International.
  4. An entry which has been made in the name of one candidate may not be transferred to another candidate.
  5. Examination is by continuous assessment regulated and moderated by the Board.
  6. The pass mark in all four parts of the distance-training programme is 50%. Candidates must satisfy the examiners in the case of all twenty-four modules of the distance programme. Candidates who fail to achieve the overall pass mark of 50% required in the case of each module may re-submit unsatisfactory assignments except Practical Phonetics, for regrading at the discretion of the unit tutor, in consultation with the Director of Examinations.
  7. The course external moderator's decision is final.
  8. The Training Link International Certificate is a foundation level certificate qualification testifying to the candidates' command and awareness of English and also their understanding of language teaching methods and techniques. The qualification is awarded by the Eurolink Examinations Board and accredited by ACTDEC.
  9. Successful candidates will receive an ACTDEC Certificate and a Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL under the seals of the two Boards.

Aim of the Course

For the Training Link International Certificate programme as a whole the overall aim is to provide a sound introduction to the theory and methodology of teaching English to speakers of other languages.

General Objectives

The general objectives of the course require each student to be able to:

  1. demonstrate a general understanding of, and familiarity with, the world of teaching English to speakers to other languages including general terminology, qualifications, further training options and career opportunities.
  2. demonstrate a good grasp and understanding of the communicative approach to teaching English to speakers of other languages.


The Examination for the Training Link International Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL and ACTDEC Certificate consists of four units divided into twenty-four modules.

Candidates are required to successfully complete all the assignments contained in the four units (twenty-four modules) of the distance training programme. [See syllabus content.]

Syllabus Content

The following is a select list of units and topics covered during the Certificate distance-training programme.

Study Skills: planning and organising study time; various learning techniques; note-taking and filing; distance-learning methodology and procedures.

The Study of English: use and usage; syntax and meaning; word classes and word formation; noun, preposition, adjective, and verb phrases; forms and functions of the tenses; cohesion; aspects of lexis; phonetics and phonology, including the articulation of vowel and consonant sounds; stress and intonation, the International Phonetic Association symbols, problems of transcription, etc.

The Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): sources and problems of motivation at different age-levels; subject-matter and procedures; teaching-learning approaches, with particular emphasis on humanistic aspects and task-based communicative activities; receptive and productive skills, reading and listening materials; speaking and writing; integration of skills; discovery techniques; language games; oral and written forms of practice and interaction; problem-solving activities; simulation and role-play; pair-work and group-work; audiovisual aids.

Lesson-planning: instructional objectives; writing lesson-plans; teacher and learner activities; classroom management and organisation.

Length of course

The ACTDEC Level 2 Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL course takes a total of 150 hours to complete. Since no two people work at the same pace, or have identical commitments and study time, a Certificate programme may take from nine to fourteen weeks to complete.

Course entry requirement

For the Certificate programme a candidate needs to have a good general education up to the generally accepted level for university entrance. (In British terms this will include at least two passes at 'A' level.) Applicants without formal qualifications who have the ability to communicate clearly in English will also be considered.

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The Certificate of Educational Studies in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Cert.ES(TESOL).

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses. (ACTDEC).

Associate Teacher of ESOL Status.


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