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Practical Phonetics

This course is for new or practising teachers of ESOL who want to brush up their knowledge of phonetics and obtain the necessary background knowledge this programme provides.

The course has been written as an easy introduction to phonetics, the study of pronunciation. The programme aims to hold the teacher's interest while leading him or her steadily onward. Plenty of practical examples and exercises are provided with regular interactive tutor feedback.

Pronunciation is not an optional extra for the language learner, any more than grammar, vocabulary or any other aspect of language is.

Teachers of ESOL need to give due attention to teaching the sounds of English along with everything else in their ELT course.

The programme consists of a single unit divided into eight modules and worksheets. There is a total of two online packs. Examination is by means of continuous assessment.

Module 1. The function of the International Phonetic Alphabet, Received, SBS and BE Pronunciation and an introduction to transcription.

Module 2. Further transcription and ear training. The schwa, stressed and unstressed syllables and syllabic consonants.

Module 3. Further transcription and linkage.

Module 4. Articulatory Phonetics.

Module 5. Word stress, homographs, sentence stress, contrastive stress, vowel sounds and the articulation of vowels.

Module 6. Intonation and the articulation of diphthongs.

Module 7. Presenting sounds, word and sentence stress, consonant clusters and contractions to the ESOL class.

Module 8. Teaching linkage and intonation.

Two audio compact discs which accompany the modules are despatched with the appropriate input modules.

Sample Material

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No two people work at the same pace, have similar commitments or study time available. You can pace yourself and work as quickly as you wish or take as long as you need. This certificate course takes, on average, 40 hours to complete. With full-time study (16-20 hours weekly) it is possible to complete the programme in three weeks or less. On a purely part-time basis (9-12 hours weekly) the course can be completed in around four to six weeks.

Assessment and Award of the Certificate

Examination is by continuous assessment of the worksheet assignments for each module. There are no written examinations.

Re-submission of unsatisfactory assignments for re-completion and grading is at the discretion of the unit tutor and Director of Examinations, though there is a final take-away assessment paper.

Award of the Certificate is restricted to those who successfully complete the course and all assessment assignments.

The following is a sample certificate from this course:
Practical Phonetics


Applications for course participation will be considered from teachers of ESOL and graduates of all disciplines. Non-native speaker graduates or teachers of ESOL are particularly welcome.

Course Fees

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