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Certificate in (the Theory and Methodology of) TESOL

Be the best you can be Be an effective English Teacher ACTDEC Level 3

This course aims to equip each trainee with the knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages at a number of levels and in a variety of teaching situations.

It is a substantial course consisting of twenty-four modules comprising the following units: (see right)

Who it's for: Any ESOL teacher seeking an excellent course to further their career.

Note: This course can be upgraded to and Advanced Certificate with Eurolink Courses. For more information please click here.

What's included?

Internet delivered course material in 24 modules, Answer Keys & Worksheets Course set books:
  1. Linguistics
  2. English Teachers Handbook
  3. Practice of ELT
  4. A Course in Language Teaching
Course Handbook and document booklet Postage of books, tutored worksheets, certificates.
  • Marking, grading and tutoring of all twenty four module worksheets with tutor written comment
  • Registration for award of the Eurolink Examinations Board Certificate
  • Registration for award of the ACTDEC Level Three Certificate
  • Free access to the Students' Area including the Student Forum

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The online Certificate course aims to provide a thorough introduction to the theory and methodology of TESOL. Successful completion of the course will almost certainly guarantee a suitable teaching post abroad. Schools seek really well qualified English language teachers. Both the Eurolink Examinations Board and ACTDEC certificates provide detailed course descriptions on the reverse of the certificates, providing written proof of the professional standing, depth and scope of the course.

Be the best TESOL teacher you can be

This affordable, in-depth, fully accredited professional distance-training programme uses home-study material, tried, tested and regularly updated over a twenty-five year period. The course adopts a systematic approach which is simple, yet thorough, easy to read, follow, and understand.

This TESOL(TEFL) qualification programme leads to a long-established and well recognised professional qualification in the field of TESOL — Cert.(TM)TESOL. As an ACTDEC Level 3 qualification it also leads to Accredited Teacher Status.

Course Aim

This internationally accredited course aims to equip each trainee with the knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages at a number of levels and in a variety of teaching situations.

Course Objectives

The general objectives will require each student to be able to:

  1. demonstrate a firm grasp of the basic phonological, lexical, and syntactical features of modern communicative English.
  2. identify the needs of ESOL students at various levels, and to modify and update such a needs analysis in the light of observation and testing of the learners.
  3. write instructional objectives and prepare effective lesson plans.
  4. handle a repertoire of lesson forms.

Course Content and Approach

This online course is designed to provide a systematic approach which is simple yet thorough, easy to read and understand. Each module follows a series of simple steps with plenty of examples and guidance leading to practical self-assessment exercises followed by tutor-assessed activities. Facilities for guided self-revision are built in.

The opportunity to work with others following the course is provided, as are opportunities to contact your unit tutors regularly. Through these arrangements one need never feel isolated or alone during the programme.


The Certificate in the Theory and Methodology of TESOL is accredited by ACTDEC at Level 3.

More information about accreditation »

Sample Material

View some sample material from this course.


No two people work at the same pace, have similar commitments or study time available. We try therefore, to be as helpfully flexible as we can. As a rough guide it is possible to complete the online Certificate course within fourteen to sixteen weeks though many people tend to take a little longer. The Certificate takes an average of 250 hours to complete. Some people can devote only 6 - 10 hours a week to the course whilst others, on a full-time basis, can find 20 - 25 hours weekly.

Remember though, finding time to absorb the material and reflect on the content is important. On a purely part-time basis trainees need to find some 10 - 14 hours of study time each week. (These estimates of study hours are approximate since no two individuals work at the same pace.)


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Examination is by means of continuous assessment.

  1. A continuous assessment mark for the distance-training tutor-assessed worksheets (25 in total).
  2. An assessment mark for a post mid-course essay of 1,500 words approximately. (A choice of assignments and titles is given.)
  3. An assessment mark for a practical project submitted during the final phase of the course. (A choice of assignments is given.)
  4. An end of course (take-away) assessment paper (completed at home within a strictly specified time limit).

Award of the Certificate

Award of the certificate is restricted to those who successfully complete the distance course and all assessment assignments. Certificates, sent approximately three weeks following course completion, will be graded in the following manner:

     Distinction  >  Excellent  >  Very Good  >  Good  >  Pass

A formal description of the course as well as detailed assessment procedures, is printed on the reverse of the certificate.

Certificate holders are entitled to use the postnominal designation Cert.(TM)TESOL. They may also use the ACTDEC level 3 Accredited Teacher qualification status title. This can be particularly useful when applying for teaching posts.

The following are sample certificates from this course:
ACTDEC Level 3 Certificate Certificate TM TESOL

Teaching Practice and New Entrants to the Profession

For those without teaching experience finding employment, albeit abroad, is very easy when armed with the internationally recognised Cert.(TM)TESOL.

For anyone without teaching experience it's possible to undertake teaching practice »


Applications are welcomed from teachers and graduates of all disciplines. For this TEFL Certificate programme a candidate needs to have a good general education up to the generally accepted level for university entrance. Consideration will also be given to applicants who have professional or other qualifications, are capable of communicating clearly, and who feel confident in their ability to bring a clear, analytical approach to the English language and to develop a teaching style appropriate to learners with a wide range of needs.

Should you have any queries regarding eligibility for either qualification; simply wish to talk things through, or just seek friendly advice please contact the centre.

Finding a job

Trying to find employment with a qualification that is recognised only by the distance-training provider awarding it can, for obvious reasons, prove exceedingly difficult. On the other hand obtaining employment with an internationally recognised qualification, i.e. one validated and/or accredited by an external independent body is, for most, a relatively simple process. Holders of the Cert.TM(TESOL) coupled with the ACTDEC level 3 certificate usually obtain a teaching post within a month of gaining the qualification.

Advice on obtaining employment is provided in the course handbook as are website addresses for jobs. Eurolink Teacher Training regularly receive offers of posts from around the world which are passed on to trainees nearing the end of their course. Read more about gaining employment »

Regulations and Syllabus

A copy of the formal regulations and syllabus for the Cert.(TM)TESOL is available separately.


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