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Glossary of Terms

The following is a glossary, designed to help you understand terms used on the Training Link Online website.

Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses.
Read more about accreditation.

Answer Key
The Answer Key is the second part of each Training Link Online module and is quite simply a list of acceptable answers to Self-Assessment-Exercises/Questions. The SAEs & SAQs are worked on from each Input Module and checking against the Answer Key enables you to check that concepts have sunk in before beginning work on a Tutor Assessed Worksheet, the final part of a module. See more below.

English for Speakers of Other Languages. Training Link Online do not sell courses in ESOL, but TESOL courses.

A module is a sub-division of a unit. In each module there is an input module, which features Self-Assessment-Exercises. SAEs are self-marked using the Answer Key. The final part of each module is a Worksheet, which is tutor-assessed and returned to you with grading and comments. See more below.

Portable Document Format - an open standard for displaying text and graphics. Used for Training Link Online course material.

Students' Area
A password-protected area of the Eurolink website, which displays announcements, job offers and access to a free student forum. The area is used by students of Eurolink, Training Link Online and Training Link franchises. Read more about the Students' Area.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Outdated but popular term in the UK.
Read more about English language teaching acronyms.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
Read more about English language teaching acronyms.

Units describe the topics covered on a course, and are broken down into individual modules. See more below.

Drinking Coffee

How the courses are organised and why they are so successful

The Training Link Online programmes are searching, and importantly, interactive. Each unit module typically consists of four elements. The first comprises an input module dotted throughout with self-assessment exercises designed to continuously test your understanding and are completed by you the trainee. After completing the exercises, but not before, participants check their answers against the answer key, and where necessary, revise the work completed. This promotes really helpful guided self-revision.

In the next stage participants complete and post the separate tutor-assessed worksheet to the unit tutor for assessment, comment and grading. This skills-based learning approach ensures there is real, continuous interaction and feedback, between participant and tutors throughout the course.

With an interactive programme it's necessary to actually write your responses both on the input module sheets and worksheets. The tutored worksheets, plus a tutor-assessment slip, is then returned to the participant with a grade, written advice and comment. This approach ensures regular and progressive guidance throughout the entire programme resulting in really sound learning.

What makes our courses different?

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