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All Training Link Online TESOL courses are formally accredited.

Why is Accreditation Important?

Accreditation is the tool that can help school owners and directors of studies make sound employment decisions. It also offers protection for new entrants to the profession and, importantly, provides a quality benchmark for both employers and prospective course applicants.


All courses offered by Training Link Online are accredited by ACTDEC - the Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses.

Detailed information, including sample certificates, is available on the ACTDEC website at Apart from The College of Teachers this is the only internationally recognised independent professional accreditation body for standalone TESOL distance programmes.


Although the accredited members of ACTDEC benefit by being accredited the primary aim of this non-profit making independent body is to advance professionalism by maintaining and also improving on standards of TESOL distance-learning programmes.

Rigorous Code of Practice

Based on a rigorous code of practice ACTDEC accredits TESOL/TEFL distance course providers for four separate and uniform course levels graded from introductory to advanced.

ACTDEC publicity

See ACTDEC advertisement in: Teacher Trainer Journal, IATEFL Voices newsletter, Teaching English Abroad.


ACTDEC offers recognised ELT accreditation based on a rigorous professional code and syllabus. Watch out for those providers who claim there is no independent international accrediting body. Ask yourself why they make such a claim.


Distance learning is a really excellent study medium but one needs to take care when choosing a provider.


Concern has been expressed in the profession about the quality of some non-accredited distance course provision and providers claiming accreditation by bodies outside the English language teaching profession as well as a variety of spurious international bodies sometimes even invented by the providers themselves.

Take Care!

Rather than submit course material for a transparent accreditation process based on a professional code of practice and an English language teaching syllabus some providers attempt to avoid this process by seeking accreditation from organisations not qualified to judge their course content but instead consider other criteria. There is nothing wrong with accreditation offered by ODLQC, ISO9000 and others, but they only evaluate systems and procedures. They have no recognised expertise in the field of TESOL/TEFL.

Finally, a question often asked

Why are some accredited courses a little more expensive than others? ACTDEC accreditation is based on minimum professional requirements. Some providers, such as Training Link Online, offer much more than the minimum and through greater provision cover more ground and provide a more substantial and prestigious course.

It is in your interest and important, that you select a TESOL distance training course that is formally validated and accredited by a recognised independent external body. Ensure your certificate carries real weight with future employers.

Avoid providers who accredit themselves and, as a result, are not subject to regulated ELT standards, external moderation or audit.


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